I ought to put these somewhere.

I have a backlog.

So, I have a backlog of pictures.  According to the count on my camera, I’ve taken around 5700 shots, and I’ve had it about 3 years.  Of those 5700, I’ve probably loaded 200 or 300 for various people to see.  Just two weeks ago, I got two new (to me) lenses, a Sigma 50-500mm f/4.5-f/6.3 (the Bigma) and a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro and with those I have been mildly inspired.  Taking pictures has never been difficult for me, but once they’re on the memory card its a bit of a struggle to get them to interested eyes.  So without further ado, my first sampling.

ACP and I went out yesterday with Wendy for a jaunt.  I took the Bigma along, though it is a bit heavy for a walkabout lens, I am still trying to get used to it and need more practice. I took all of these pictures in aperture-priority mode.  I set the aperture and let the camera figure out the other settings.  The Bigma is notoriously softer wide open, so by stopping down a bit I can get the sharpest pictures. The first sign of animal life we saw was a mockingbird perched on a fence next to the power plant.  He posed for just a few pictures, and this I think is the most interesting.


A Mockingbird

Just a bit later on, we saw a pair of Mallard ducks, and the sun came out.  Here is the male in all his glory, including his reflection.

Male Mallard

Male Mallard

Here are a few more pictures of the male along with his ladyfriend.  He really started to glow when the sun came out.  Beautiful!

Two Mallard Ducks

Two Mallard Ducks

Mallard in the Sun

Mallard in the Sun





Last, I was sitting at my kitchen table eating breakfast a few days ago, and I saw what I think was a female blue jay in the tree in our back yard.  I had the Bigma right there, so I put it on the monopod and tried to get a few shots.  Here is a crop of one of the best ones just to round things out.


Blue Jay


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